The Studio

To walk into his studio at 1930 W. Division Street is in essence an invitation into the working creativity of Davoud’s mind. Purchased by Davara Fine Art in 1988, the building, with its barrel vaulted roof and classic 1920’s façade is a study in timelessness, rustic materials and historic details- much like Davoud’s artwork.


Vast and empty at first, the studio has evolved over the past 30 years into a work of art unto itself.  Simultaneously inviting and industrial, personal and mysterious, the space is a fascinating clash of cultures, materials, mood and history. To walk through it is to take a looking glass journey through a magical garden of found objects, works in progress, and climbing ivy. Turn one corner and you see a giant pair of eyes  (Toulouse), Nureyev dancing, or a table that appears to have grown out of the concrete floor like a wood and metal fungi. Much like Calder and Picasso, in Davoud’s studio you experience a sense of play and spontaneity- a rope becomes a chair, a motorcycle becomes a sculpture.  It is a that merging of “Art” with functional objects and the ability to do both effortlessly that makes Davoud a true original, and when you step back out onto the street you will see the world through changed eyes, proof that you have been in the presence of a true artist.